Remoting 2 Documentation

Current versions of Remoting 2:

2.5.4.SP5:   Versions 2.5.x are targeted to JBoss Application Server 5.x/6.x and EAP 5.x
2.2.4:   Versions 2.2.x are targeted to JBoss Application Server 4.2 and EAP 4.2/4.3

Remoting Guide

Covers architecture, components, configuration, customization, and sample code.

Note that the versions available here might be more up to date than the versions available in the distributions.


Remoting User Guide

Discusses those aspects of Remoting relevent to users of the Application Server.  Also covers relevent configuration parameters.

Name Version Links
Remoting Guide 2.5.4.SP5 HTML, HTML-single, PDF
Remoting Guide 2.2.4 HTML, HTML-single, PDF
Remoting Users Guide 2.5.4.SP5

HTML, HTML_single, PDF



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